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Stone Veneer Flexible

Our Stone Veneers

Our thin flexible sheets are purely natural stone veneer material or real stone tiles,

it is absolutely a new & innovative material for many architects, designers, kitchen cabinet and furniture manufacturers. Stone Veneer Flexible offers superior quality thin flexible stone veneer aka ultra-thin veneer tiles and manufactures to the highest standards in the industry. Our material has the feel of softness and can be shaped to fit almost in any form. Our thin slate stone veneers are not only super strong but also work well with almost any kind of architectural design.

Beauty & Durability

Beauty & Durability

Our thin flexible stone veneers offer the beauty and durability of real stone without installation hassles and weighty full-sized stones. Measuring only 1 mm to 2 mm thick, our natural stone veneer panels are lightweight and suitable for use on most interior and exterior walls. Made of real stone, our thin stone veneers are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative. This product is a superior answer to manufactured (faux) stone.

Mother Nature

These thin stone veneers allow installers to cover a large surface area in a short amount of time with little waste. Thin flexible stone veneers sheets provide a timeless, rich, rugged beauty and warmth that no other interior or exterior product can provide. As the sheets are made up of natural stone, you receive unique shapes, textures, sizes and colour qualities that only Mother Nature can create.

Mother Nature
Beauty of Uniqueness

Beauty of Uniqueness

Every thin flexible stone veneer sheet is different since every piece consists of a unique layer of real stone. Texture variations with colour differences are an inherent part of the natural beauty of quarried material. It is recommended that material should be accepted in lots of 20, 40, 50 sheets to match. Large orders will be executed in bundles of 50 with 2-3 matching lots in each bundle. Exceptions of large lots are also a possibility.


Our product is a Natural Stone Veneer laminated with smooth black backing. It is produced with a fleece backing in black colour having a seam in the middle which appears when the light is passed through it. Thin flexible stone veneer is also water proof once installed and effectively creates a tough moisture barrier.

Water Proof
Germann technology
100% Natural Stone Surface
Super Thin
Super lightweight 
1.5 Kg/m2
Super flexible
Quick Installation
Water Resistant
Impact Resistant
Endless Applications
Environmental Friendly
Free from Formaldehyde
Easy to Carry
Lowest Logistics Costs 

Lasting Value

Our Thin Stone Veneers can be adapted for many uses. The product can be used for interior walls, fireplaces, exterior walls, and can even be added to existing brick or concrete structures with very little modification. Natural thin stone veneers will add a lasting value to your home.

Lasting Value
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