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Suitable Uses:

Indoor translucent wall inserts, indoor and outdoor displays, translucent kitchen backsplash, translucent fireplace surrounds, translucent bar counter, translucent showers, spectacular furniture finishes, lamps, furniture, walls, ceilings & other backlit objects


Surface finish

Front has a thin layer of slate, mica slate and at the back it has a special reinforced clear fibre glass with a substrate layer of translucent synthetic resin

​Back Light

We recommend LED tape lights when you plan to install a light system behind the sheets.


We recommend to use a 5 mm clear perspex sheet with our translucent stone veneer sheets, different effects will appear if using warm or cold lights.

Thickness of translucent stone veneer sheet

1.5 to 2.5 mm

Weight of translucent stone veneer sheet

2 kilogram (122 x 61 cm / sheet)
8 kilogram (244 x 122 cm / sheet)

Translucent stone veneer sheet Price

please send us an email for price of veneer sheets

Translucent stone veneer life

More than 20 years


Are available in 30 x 20 cm (A4 size) 

Transport benefit

300 sheets i.e. 223.26 sqm. / crate

Suitable substrates

Transparent substrate like glass, plexiglass, polycarbonate or acrylic


First in corrugated box and then in wooden crate

Best Waterproofing / Sealents

Akemi Company's "Nano Repellant" & sealer from Fila Industria Chimica Spa, Italy is also best 

Best Adhesives / Glues

(a) Kerakoll’s Company’s Super Flex Eco 
(b) Kerakoll’s Company’s Epoxy Eco 
(c) MYK Laticrete company's Latapoxy-270 

Cutting with

Hard-metal tipped circular saw, skill saw (diamond blade, stone saw)

Drilling and routing

Yes possible, you can use tools for wood or stone industry only.


Can be increased by applying heat (using heat-gun around 400°C)

Care While Installation

We recommend wearing goggles and a mask. The sheets should be cut from the back for a clean finish.

We supply translucent flexible stone veneer sheets in following demanding sizes:


We can deliver custom-made sizes also

MOQ: 4'x2' = 100 sheets at least (800 sq. ft. to cover)

MOQ: 8'x4' = 100 sheets at least (3200 sq. ft. to cover)

The applications are limitless it purely depends upon your imagination, from round pillars, fences, facades to shopping centers or office buildings. Indoors, product can be used in living rooms, kitchens, clubs, saunas and even cellars. Flexible stone veneer sheets are very much adaptable it can also be used with furniture items such as doors, cabinets, tables etc. Known as the "stone wallpaper", this flexible slate veneer is only 1,5-3 mm thick (1-2 kg / sqm), being cut quite easily. Produced using modern German technology, it can not be deteriorated on contact with UV rays & it has water resistance (showers, wet areas, saunas, bathrooms, cellars).

It can be used in exterior claddings without any reinforcement. Please Note that, no two sheets will be exactly the same, variations in color and texture are to be expected. You can create wonderful feature with your feature wall, furniture, kitchen units or backsplash, bathrooms, fireplaces or external walls. D Green slate veneer also known as Piedra Flexible, Ultra Thin Stone, Steinfurnier, Piatra Flessible, Skinrock, Slate Veneer, Fornir Kamienny, Flexstone, Stone Sheets, Rockflex, Stenfaner is an eco-friendly natural stone.

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