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Suitable uses 

For decorating your kitchens and backsplashes, living, ceilings, home, office & home interior, corporate walls, cabinet doors & furniture, table tops & reception desks, walls & ceilings, ships, air craft, vehicles & yacht interior, elevator walls, trade show exhibits, rounded surfaces etc. it can be applied on curved surfaces like columns, pillars, etc. To elaborate more, you can give rustic look to your bathrooms, kitchens, staircases, internally and externally, accent walls, decorative entryways, grand corridors and lounges, in commercial spaces like evening party decors, hotels, resorts, movie halls, retail outlets, shopping complexes, malls, entertainment centres, pubs, restaurants and more.


What is terrazzo flexible veneer sheets:

A composite material with dark black / white / sky blue base that consists of marble chips, quartz chips, granite chips, glass chips & chips of other suitable materials poured with either cementitious binder for chemical binding or polymeric binder for physical binding or in combination of both to precast for wall surface. Thin terrazzo sheets give the same look and feel of real terrazzo stone tiles.


Thickness of flexible light weight terrazzo sheet

1.5-2.5 mm (1/16" - 3/32")

Weight of terrazzo veneer

1.5 kilogram (122 x 61 cm / sheet)

6 kilogram (244 x 122 cm / sheet )

Flexible terrazzo veneer price

please send us an email for terrazzo veneer price, we are manufacturers of flexible terrazzo veneer stone laminates and veneers from India sells at wholesale prices.

Terrazzo flexible veneer life

Terrazzo flexible veneer sheet can normally be lasts for life, but practically and to be honest we assure you a 7 years of perfect life span. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of highest quality thin natural stone veneer sheets from India.


Terrazzo flexible veneer samples

Terrazzo flexible veneer sheet samples are available in 30 x 20 cm (A4 size). We are fastest-growing stone veneer manufacturers in India.

Transport benefits of terrazzo flexible veneer sheets

300 sheets i.e. 223.26 sqm / Crate

Suitable substrates for terrazzo flexible veneer sheets

Wood, metal, acrylic, glass, ceramic, plaster, cement board, gypsum board and other flat surface.


Packaging of terrazzo flexible veneer sheets

First in corrugated box and then in wooden crate

Best waterproofing / sealants

Akemi Company's "Nano Repellant" & sealer from Fila Industria Chimica Spa, Italy is also best 

Best Adhesives / Glues

(a) Kerakoll’s Company’s Super Flex Eco 
(b) Kerakoll’s Company’s Epoxy Eco 
(c) MYK Laticrete company's Latapoxy-270

We supply terrazzo veneer sheets in following demanding sizes:


We can deliver custom-made sizes also

MOQ: 4'x2' = 100 sheets at least (800 sq. ft. to cover)

MOQ: 8'x4' = 100 sheets at least (3200 sq. ft. to cover)

terrazzo veneer layers.jpg

Cutting with

Hard-metal tipped circular saw, skill saw (diamond blade, stone saw), always cut from the rear side.

Drilling and routing

Yes, possible, you can use tools for wood or stone industry only.

Terrazzo veneer flexibility

Can be increased by applying heat (using heat-gun around 400°C)


Store the terrazzo flexible veneer sheets in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight, flat or rolled up, never store outdoors.


Main benefits of terrazzo flexible veneer

Terrazzo flexible stone veneer pieces weigh less and due to this lightweight pieces helps in reducing production, shipping and construction costs. Besides its highly flexible, durable, various patterns, scratch free, easy to clean. We are no.1 manufacturing company of flexible stone veneers in India.

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