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Stone Veneer packing
Stone Veneer packing

Slate Veneer

Sheets Packing

We usually make packets of veneer sheets. Generally in one packet we put 25 sheets. Between every 2 sheets we put one crape / butter paper, after this we put each packet into a fresh & strong wooden crate. The inside of the wooden crate is then surrounded by thermocol / styrofoam sheets from all 6 sides and the wooden crate.

Our Wooden Crates are always strapped with strong steel strapping every 80 to 100 cm under pressure. The more tightly are the veneers compressed on the wooden crates, the lower is their sensitivity to external influences. We give highest importance to the packaging of thin flexible stone veneer sheets to maintain the quality standards.

Besides, we also send the high resolution digital images before packing, while packing and after packing is completed for records as a safeguard against any mis-happenings.

Minimum Order Quantity

Natural Thin Slate Stone Specifications for Packing and Transport:

Standard Sheet Size

One Sheet Weight 

One Packet Contains

One Wooden Crate Contains

One Container Assortment

Weight Per Container will be

At least 100 sheets of 1 color or different colors by LCL shipment (through Airlines or by Ship or by Courier as per your wish).

1220 mm x 610 mm x 1 mm to 1.5 mm thick

1.400 Kilo grams

25 Sheets

15 Packets

279.00 m2 1crate x 36 Crates x 1fcl

16 Metric Tons

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