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3D Peel and Stick Stone Veneer

Suitable uses 

Kitchens and backsplashes, fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, child’s room, living room, staircase, office & home interior, corporate walls, cabinet doors & furniture, reception desks, hallway or bathroom, mud/laundry room, dining room, family room, walls & ceilings, ships, air craft, vehicles & yacht interior, trade show exhibits, it can be applied on curved surfaces like columns, pillars, etc. You can install Peel and Stick DIY Panels on textured walls with liquid nails glue also though they have a sticky back. Buy cheap peel & stick stone panel backsplash from direct manufacturer.


Front surface 3D peel and stick veneer

Real marble/slate/quartzite/sandstone/limestone/granite (100% real stones). Your interior will get a three-dimensional look.

Backing of peel and stick self-adhesive DIY panels:

A protective film is there on strong self-adhesive base for an easy, just peel off the backing & install. No extra glue or grout needed when installing. Simple mesh backing flexible panels are also available on order


Two edge patterns:

Interlocked and straight, as per order we can make and supply


Thickness of self-adhesive DIY Panels

2 – 3.5 mm (5/64" – 9/64")

Two surface patterns:

3D (up-down strips) & 2D (plain stripping), as per order we can supply


Weight of peel and stick wall panels

3.8 Kg / Sq. Mtr.

3D self-adhesive stone tiles Price

Please send us an email for price of 3D flexible wall panels. We are biggest 3D peel and stick stone veneers supplier, at cheap wholesale price, we can give you a free quote with a good price.

3D peel and stick veneers life

This slim stone panels can normally be lasts for life, but practically and to be honest we assure you a 5 years of perfect life span.



Are available in 60 x 15 cm (23.62" x 5.9")

Suitable substrates Peel Stick Self-Adhesive Decorative 3D Stone Tile

On plaster, plasterboard, OSB, wooden surface, ceramic surface.



28 panels / corrugated box

35 corrugated box / wooden crate

980 panels / wooden crate i.e. 88.20 sqm / crate can cover your area

Eco friendly

Yes, the product is made from blocks of real natural stone, it increases the surface coverage by being a thin veneer

Best waterproofing / sealants

Akemi Company's "Nano Repellent" & sealer from Fila Industria Chimica Spa, Italy is also best. In case of kitchen and bathroom installations we recommend using an impregnation sealant on the panels after installation.

Peel and stick tile cutting

You can cut the peel and stick stone panels with sheet metal shears or a grinder with a diamond wheel. Even you can cut them during DIY by utility knife or strong pair of scissors. it's super easy to cut them. We suggest you to wear a mask and eye protection when cutting!


Store the self-adhesive decorative 3D stone tiles in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight.

We supply 3D & 2D peel and stick wall panels in following demanding size:

We can deliver custom-made sizes also

MOQ: 60 cm x 15 cm = 1000 panels at least

(90 sqm / 968 sq. ft. area to cover)


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Main benefits of peel stick self-adhesive decorative

3D stone tiles

There is strong adhesive on the thin panels back, you don’t need extra glue or grout at the time of installation. It is an easy do-it-yourself DIY wall decoration. It installs quicker than traditional tile. We can use these self-adhesive panels in higher humidity places like bathroom, kitchen and in higher temperature areas like fireplace. There is no harm in applying the panels from -40°C to +120°C, it fits practically anywhere but in the interior only. The back side self-adhesive is not suitable for outdoor use, the panels will fall off the surface.


DIY 3D peel and stick self adhesive veneers / panels with 100% real stone textures, pores and finishes

thin panels new size.jpg

covers 0.968 square feet

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