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Suitable uses:

Walls, ceilings, interiors, furniture, cabinets, doors, kitchen, tables chairs and tops, retail interiors and display cabinets, booth construction, office cabinets, vehicle and yacht interiors, wall covering, feature wall, back splash, entrance lobbies, wainscoted walls, panelling, column wrapping, as a wall paper, for dresses, bags, accessories, shoes, door jambs, furniture, stationary etc. Due to its extreme flexibility, it has a wider range of applications as compared to other stone veneers.


Surface finish:

Front has a thin layer of slate, mica and at the back it is combined with cotton fabric mesh and poly vinyl acetate glue (D3/D4 type) to create a flexible panel. Also called Nano Stone Veneer.


​Covering benefit:

EcoStone veneer sheets are 3D-formable and you can easily apply it over the complex shapes and difficult edge areas


Take care:

Fabric backed stone veneer sheets are not suitable for floors & exterior use


Thickness of fabric stone veneer sheet:

0.5 mm - 0.7 mm

Weight of fabric stone veneer sheet:

0.600 kilogram (122 x 61 cm / sheet)
3.20 kilogram (244 x 122 cm / sheet)

Fabric stone veneer sheet price:

please send us an email for price of veneer sheets


Are available in 30 x 20 cm (A4 size) 

Transport benefit:

We can transport 400 sheets i.e. 297.68 sqm. / crate

Suitable substrates:

Concrete blocks & slabs, mortar plastered walls, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fibreglass, tile dry wall, MDF, HDF boards, styro foam sheets, melamine, masonite, door skins and cabinetry, glass, acrylic or plastic sheets etc.


First in corrugated box and then in wooden crate

Best Waterproofing / Sealents:

Akemi Company's "Nano Repellant" & sealer from Fila Industria Chimica Spa, Italy is also best 

Best Adhesives / Glues:

(a) Kerakoll’s Company’s Super Flex Eco 
(b) Kerakoll’s Company’s Epoxy Eco 
(c) MYK Laticrete company's Latapoxy-270 

Cutting & stitching:

You can easily cut stone fabric veneer sheets by carpet knife or sharp scissors from the rear side & even you can do the stitching also with a regular sewing machine.



Fabric stone veneer sheets are 3D-formable with the help of heat. Its folding radius can be achieved 5 cm or less. Alongside…flexibility can be increased more by applying heat (using heat-gun around 400° C)

Care while installation:

We recommend wearing goggles and a mask. The sheets should be cut from the back for a clean finish.


Main benefits:

EcoStone is an extremely thin and super flexible veneer with a cotton cloth backing. It is highly flexible, durable, various patterns, scratch free, easy to clean

Nous fournissons des feuilles de placage en pierre textile dans les tailles exigeantes suivantes :


We can deliver custom-made sizes also

MOQ: 4'x2' = 100 sheets at least (800 sq. ft. to cover)

MOQ: 8'x4' = 100 sheets at least (3200 sq. ft. to cover)

couche de tissu recadrée nouveau 2.jpg

La flexibilité:

Les feuilles de placage en pierre textile sont formables en 3D à l’aide de la chaleur. Son rayon de pliage peut être atteint de 5 cm ou moins. Parallèlement… la flexibilité peut être augmentée davantage en appliquant de la chaleur (en utilisant un pistolet thermique à environ 400° C)

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