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Become our Sales Agent

Join a World-Class Team

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Current Opportunities

At this moment, we are seeking experienced sales agents throughout the world that are able to join us as “Independent Sales Agents”

Our agents must be self-directed professionals, who work independently selling our thin flexible stone veneers by one of India’s leading thin stone manufacturers to our targeted customers like:

Furniture & Interior Design Companies

Lighting Equipment making companies

Automotive and Ship Building Companies

Cabinetry (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Windows) making Companies

Trade Show Exhibits making Companies

Gifts, Photoframes, signage, belts & small accessories making Companies


Remote Work

All our agents can work remotely and independently, according to their agenda. They can work from a home office and perform sales activities locally, in the region they live or worldwide.

Why This Opportunity Is For You

Here you can check out the many advantages that make the position offered a truly profitable and convenient opportunity, whether you are unemployed, retired or working.

You can work full time, part time or intermittently

  1. No activity reports required; no sales targets.

  2. Your earnings from us will be 100% commission-based, so nothing will stand in the way of your reaching your earning goals. This position is completely independent.

  3. The most advantageous thing with us is, we pay multiple commissions from one sales effort i.e. “IF” the sales come again from the same client, then your commission is confirm again.

  4. Top of the line products – You don’t want to sell something you can’t stand behind, and we wouldn’t want you to, that’s why we offer reliable and well-structured sales promotion materials.

  5. Your sales activities will not be restricted to any specific locations or specific clients, you can approach in any location and to any customer.

  6. Plenty of sales supporting material.

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