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Stone Veneer Magic: Elevating Your Home's Style with Stunning Interior Design

Stone veneer is a wall cladding material used to cover exterior and interior walls, creating an appealing and long-lasting finish. The natural variant of stone veneer is crafted from real stone like slate, quartzite, marble, sandstone, granite, limestone and concrete etc. These stones undergo slicing and subsequent processing to achieve a consistent minimum to minimum thickness. The resulting stone pieces are then affixed to a substrate using a specialised adhesive. With its distinctive appearance and high durability, natural stone veneer is well-suited for enhancing the visual appeal of exterior surfaces such as tops and kitchens, curved walls and ceilings, interior & design, walls & stairs, doors and sliding walls, tops and bathrooms, shelves and console, curved facades etc.

Flexible natural stone veneer is actually having coating of natural stone (quartzite or slate) with a fiberglass support for opaque finishes and transparent resin for translucent finishes, it presents the same colour and texture variations that you can get by conventional natural stone.


We Are India's top and highly experienced best manufacturer supplier and exporter of flexible stone veneer which is also known as slate veneer / piedra flexible / stein furnier / sten faner / fornir kamienny / ultra thin stone / piatra flessible / flex stone / stone sheets / rock flex / skin rock.

Why Flexible Stone Veneer?

1. Because flexible stone veneer sheets are Harder & Stronger than usual slate tile

2. Because flexible stone veneer sheets are Ultra-thin, 2 mm

3. Because flexible stone veneer sheets have High flexibility

4. Because flexible stone veneer sheets are Super light

5. Because flexible stone veneer sheets are Simple and varied applicability

6. Because flexible stone veneer sheets have Durability and eco efficiency

7. Because flexible stone veneer sheets have low Transportation cost

8. Because flexible stone veneer sheets are Possibility of applying on facades


Upgrade any room in your home with the cozy charm of natural stone. Go for stone veneer—it's the real deal without the heavy baggage. With a mix of textures and colors, it effortlessly matches any style, making it the perfect standout choice for your space. We are the largest Stone Veneer Manufacturers in India, why settle for less? Choose Stone Veneer Flexible for superior craftsmanship and a wide range of flexible options. Elevate your space with us – where excellence is the norm. 

We are producers of 3 major formats:

1. 122 x 61 cm | 244 x 122 cm (4 ft. x 2 ft. | 8 ft. x 4 ft.)

2. Peel and Stick 3d Wall Panels

3. Custom Sizes – Against confirm order


Minimum Order Quantity in any size that you wish to order…

1. If 122x61 = MOQ is 74.42 sqm. (100 sheets)

2. If 244x122 = MOQ is 297.68 sqm. (100 sheets)

3. If P&S 3D Wall Panels = MOQ is 100 sqm. (1112 panels)

How can you elevate your home vibes with stone veneer magic?

1. Interior Accent Walls: Elevate living spaces with textured focal points.

2. Fireplace Surrounds: Add style and warmth to fireplaces with a rustic or contemporary touch.

3. Kitchen Backsplashes: Upgrade kitchens with a timeless and elegant stone veneer backsplash.

4. Exterior Facades: Boost curb appeal by applying stone veneer to columns, entryways, or entire exteriors.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces: Create durable and weather-resistant features for patios and fire pits.

6. Bathroom Walls: Infuse spa-like luxury into bathrooms with stone veneer.

7. Column Wraps: Enhance interior and exterior columns for a refined architectural look.

8. Entryways and Foyers: Make a stylish statement in welcoming areas.

9. Feature Panels: Introduce decorative stone panels for visual interest.

10. Shower Walls: Upgrade bathrooms with durable and visually appealing stone veneer on shower walls. 

Why Stone Veneer Flexible?

Your go-to Stone Veneer Manufacturer in India

Stone Veneer Flexible is a Manufacturing Company of Flexible Stone Veneers in India. We craft visions into reality with our superior flexible stone veneers. 


1. Elegance Personified: Elevate your space with the sophisticated touch of Stone Veneer Flexible.

2. Ease of Choice: From selection to post-purchase, we guide you seamlessly through every step.

3. Endless Options: Discover a world of styles and textures, making Stone Veneer Flexible the ultimate choice for your unique vision.

In conclusion, we assure you that Stone Veneer Flexible will be your go-to Manufacturing Company for Flexible Stone Veneers in India. Elevate your space effortlessly with our blend of experience, elegance and endless options. Your home design, our expertise – let's create something exceptional together.


We are happy to be there for you.


You can contact us by phone / WhatsApp +91-9829446944 or by, We will respond to your inquiries about our flexible stone veneer sheets or 3D panels as soon as possible.


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