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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flexible stone veneer?

It is the thinnest and most flexible stone offered in the world. Though it seems impossible, this is not a printed or faux material. Each flexible stone veneer sheet is made from 100% real stone which are premium grade metamorphic rock, that we sourced from the quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh states in India where we have a strong foot hold. The big game changer is fiberglass backing which strengthens the thin stone layer and gives it unmatched flexibility.

Where we can use your flexible stone veneer sheets?

They can be used in residential or commercial areas, restaurants, bars, boutiques, offices, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, living rooms, pool and spa surround, indoors and outdoors, facades, accent walls, backsplashes, outdoor kitchens..and much more…

Remember…..fabric/ cotton backing flexible stone sheets can be used only indoors, NOT outdoors.

What are your flexible stone veneer made up of?

The flexible stone veneer sheets are made of 100% real stone of the best quality.

Do you sell adhesive / glues also, which one do you suggest?

No, we do not sell adhesives, we only sell stone veneer flexible sheets. We suggest adhesive / glues of renowned brands like Laticrete, Mapei, Customs, Proflex etc.

Can we use flexible stone panels in Exterior or Interior?

Yes, the flexible stone veneer panels can be used in exteriors and interiors as well. But we have to consider the stone parameters also like porosity and finish of the stone, in that case you need to apply impregnator to protect the sheets from water or other elements.

Do the flexible stone veneer sheets need maintenance?

There is no need for special maintenance or care, just regular cleaning with water, water pressure or a mild soap depending on the area installed or if any external elements have affected the surface.

Where is your flexible stone veneer manufacturing factory at?

Our Flexible Slate Veneer Manufacturing Factory at: 43-44 RIICO Indl. Area, Old Ajmer Road, Deoli - Tonk - Rajasthan, INDIA,  Phone: +91-9829446944 / +91-9929998128, you can visit us

How do I place an order?

You can contact us by phone or email to process your order and confirm availability, we just need to know the following:

  • Color/s name or photo of the flexible stone veneer that you wish to buy?

  • How much quantity you wish to buy? 

  • Which finish you wish to buy (fiber backing i.e. opaque OR translucent OR fabric i.e. cotton or textile backed, the backing types you can select from our products)

  • Which size you wish to buy? (122x61 or 244x122)

  • Which delivery mode you prefer? (by air / sea / courier)?

Can you deliver the flexible stone sheets up to our residential or commercial address?

Yes, we can arrange delivery up to your zip code (door delivery is possible).

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world, in fact our 99% sales turnover is from overseas market only.

What we have to take care of while maintenance of flexible stone veneer sheets?

Here are a few tips that you need to take care of:

  • If the sheet/s have come in rolled form, then flatten the sheets properly before installation & make sure the sheet is absolutely flat.

  • To make it more water proof or stain resistant, use a high quality sealer.

  • For neat joints, use a good quality sharp cutting blade.

  • Our flexible stone sheets can be installed easily by your locality's wallpaper installers, carpenters, cabinet makers, tilers, and handymen. Even you can DIY also.

  • Before applying on any substrate, you need to property DRY that surface.

Is the flexible veneer sheets fire proof?

No, the sheets have fire resistant only. Please be noted that our flexible stone veneer sheets are CE approved.

What adhesives / glues we can use to install the flexible stone veneer panels?

The type of adhesives / glues depends purely upon the substrate, generally we recommend these adhesives / glues:

(A) Adhesives for wood substrate:

  • AGL Power Grace PG-1000

  • Mapei Keralstick T

  • Kerakoll Supraflex

  • Fevicol Probond

  • Silicone

  • Any other PU Based Adhesive

(B) Adhesives for cement substrate:

  • AGL Power Grace PG-1000

  • Mepai Keralstick T

  • Kerakoll Supraflex

(C) Adhesive for backlit veneer sheets:

  • Clear Silicon Adhesive

What type of sealants we can use to protect the surface of the flexible stone veneer sheets?

The surface of stone sheet is 100% real stone which is naturally porous to oils, grease and limescale. Generally, we recommend following sealants, but always do a patch test with any sealant to make sure it does not change the colour of the stone, besides please be noted that the sheets that you have used on the walls of bathrooms and kitchens may need resealing on yearly basis.

  • Ascolite Sealer

  • MMC Sealer

  • Endura Max Sealer

  • MYK Laticrete Sealer – MAXISEAL

  • Exterior PU

  • Interior PU

  • Water-based slate stone sealers can also be used

  • Nano Repellent sealer from Akemi

  • Sealer from Fila Industria Chimica Spa's Italy

What are the highly demanding sizes?

Two majorly demanding sizes are:

  • 122 cm x 61 cm (48″ x 24″ or 4 ft. x 2 ft.)

  • 244 cm x 122 cm (96″ x 48″ or 8 ft. x 4 ft.)

Will the flexible stone sheets' surface change colour over time?

As you know...the front surface is 100% natural stone and it will be lightened with UV rays IF NOT correctly sealed.

How do we clean the flexible stone sheets' surface time to time?

Pre-sealed flexible stone sheets can be cleaned with soap and water, after sealing mild detergents and stone cleaners can be used. We experience that white spirits are also a good cleaner for flexible stone veneer sheets.

Can we use the flexible stone veneer sheets on floors?

To be honest we always restrain ourselves to recommend the flexible stone sheets for flooring purposes, but you can...only in those internal floor areas where the foot fall is negligible, besides you need to follow special guidelines while applying the sheets for flooring purposes.

What would be an average life of stone veneer sheets?

As the 2 mm sheets are made up of 100% real stone that normally lasts for life, but for practical reasons you can assume a 7 year's life of veneer sheet.

Does the flexible stone veneer sheets get crack?

No, as the stone veneer sheets are flexible and bonded with FRP reinforcement so they will not crack.

How you will pack the flexible stone veneer sheets?

The sheets are always packed horizontally in plywood / rugged wooden crates with ISPM-15 std. fumigation.

  • For standard size packing for 122x61 cm = 25 pcs per corrugated box

  • For large size packing for 244x122 cm = 4/5 sheets per roll

For all the colors and application images please contact us

What is on the back of the flexible stone veneer to make this thin format possible?

On the back side its’ a special mix of fibre glass mesh / cotton and encased in polymer resins which enable our product to be strong, thin, flexible and light weight.

Can we apply the flexible stone veneer sheets around the fire place?

Flexible stone veneer sheets have heat resistant up to 120 degrees and has reached fire protection rating Cfl-s1. As long as the area of application does not go over 120 degrees, till that you can use our slate and stone veneers around the fire place area.

How much would be flexible stone veneer price?

Please note, PRICE depends upon the quantity involved in the shipment,

  • more quantity = LESS price

  • less quantity = MORE price

Get in touch with our sales manager (+91-9829446944) for special offers and bulk discounts.

What is the HS code for the customs / duty purposes?

The HS code is 68030000

How many types of stone veneers you have ?

Mainly 3 types of flexible stone veneers we are producing and exporting: 

  • Fiber backing stone veneer sheets (opaque/regular with front surface of slate / quartzite / sandstone / marble / limestone / granite)

  • Translucent stone veneer (U.V. backlit with front surface of slate/quartzite)

  • Fabric backing stone veneer (eco/cotton backing/0.6mm with front surface of slate/quartzite)

Can you cut to required sizes?

Yes, we can supply you the sheets in the customs sizes also. For pricing please email your required size/s along with quantities.

Can I view sheets' photos?

Yes, we will send you the digital images of the veneer sheets so that you can see the exact lot that you will be getting.

Why buy from Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc.?

We can give you plenty of reasons to choose our flexible stone veneer sheets in comparison to other players:

  • We deliver high quality thin flexible sheets at very competitive prices.

  • We have a wealth of experience in the flexible stone veneer industry.

  • We’re committed to ensuring you’re satisfied with our service from the moment you click onto our website, till your order is delivered to your warehouse / site / home.

  • We know about the importance of a good customer service, whether you are a private home owner, a contractor, or a designer looking for information regarding our services, we will assist you throughout the whole process and ensure you have the best prices possible in the market.

  • By working with us, you can be assured that you will get top quality work and will benefit of the best prices in the market.

  • There will not be broken edges (all corners will be perfect 90 degrees)

  • Besides we assure you for smooth backing, European standard resin and chemicals, no fibre glass visibility at the back, no patches, no spots, and no delaminated areas, best packaging, & no smell at all…at any cost….because we use all imported & branded consumables

  • We are experts at logistics and material delivery, we promise to make the buying process as easy as possible for you.

  • We will let you know how much to order and whether your color choice is the right one for the job or not.

  • Call us today to get a free estimate and see for yourself.

  • Explore our website and learn more about our company and the services we offer.

Why you buy from the under-serviced big stores or overpriced local tile shops, when you can get everything from us? We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best price but more importantly the highest quality flexible stone panels.

I’m a stone dealer; can I apply to join your network?

Yes, of course. we’d love to have you as part of our network so feel free to email us at

or call us on +91-9829446944 / +91-294-2980288.

Do I have to buy EXTRA for my project and how much should I buy extra?

We always recommend ordering an extra 10-20% of your desired amount of stone sheets, just in case...minor damage, intricate cuts during installation, corners, etc. The rule of thumb is to order at least an extra 15% of your stone of choice; you do not want to find yourself two sheets short at the end of installation. It is also wise to keep a few extra sheets in case you will need to replace broken or damaged sheets in the future.

How do I get a quotation from you?

You can email us at

or call / whatsapp us on +91-9829446944 / +91-294-2980288, we also have a "Get a Quote" button on all product pages, just click on this button, this action will pop up a form for you. We are very prompt with our answers.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes please, the MoQ is:

  • MOQ: 122x61 cm = 100 sheets at least (74.42 sqm. / 801 sq. ft. to cover)

  • MOQ: 244x122 cm = 100 sheets at least (297.68 sqm. / 3204 sq. ft. to cover)

Can we glue the self-adhesive 3D wall panels to or around the fireplace?

Yes, self-adhesive 3D stone cladding is perfectly suitable for temperatures from -40° to +120° C. Only condition is the panels should not come in direct contact with fire.

Do I have to sand the front surface of the flexible stone panel?

No, not at all, no sanding is needed. The organic texture of flexible stone veneer provides a naturally "perfect" surface.

Can we install the 3D self-adhesive stone cladding in the kitchen?

YES. You can install in the kitchen also but after gluing the panels on the surface we recommend treating the stone panel with a silicone-based impregnation solution. The Impregnation actually protects the stone panel from water, the Impregnation protects the thin stone panel from the formation of unwanted stains and it would be easier for you to clean the panels. Remember if the self-adhesive stone panel has been glued behind the gas stove or hob, it is necessary to use protective glass.

How to clean the self-adhesive stone cladding?

You can wash the panels with warm water, remove larger impurities with a soft brush and then rinse with clean water and let it dry to prevent limescale stains. We do not recommend detergents for cleaning the 3D self-adhesive panels.

Can we install the self-adhesive stone cladding panels in the bathroom / shower enclosure?

The self-adhesive stone cladding panels can withstand higher humidity and higher temperatures. The flexible panels can be glued to the bathroom wall. But we do not recommend gluing directly to the shower, actually direct contact with water is not suitable for flexible panels.

Does the wall where I want to apply the thin panels have to be perfectly flat?

Not necessarily...the 3d self-adhesive panels can easily handle small unevenness, even some of the flexible 3D wall panels can also be used to cover rounded walls or a rounded column, the only important thing is the substrate must always be dry and dust-free.

Can we install the 3D Peel and Stick Stone Veneers outdoors?

We do not recommend gluing the self-adhesive panels outdoors, the panels are intended only for indoor use. You can use the thin panels to cover the fireplace, kitchen, bathroom or staircase.

Do we have to do the grouting while installing the stone veneer sheets?

To be honest...there is no hard and fast rule to do the grouting but if you really do need then we recommend 3MM grouting is enough.

Do you Have any more Questions?

Please call us on +91-9829446944 /


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