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fibreglass veneer
fibreglass veneer

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  • Front surface: 100% Real natural stone

  • Backing: Glass fiber in polyester resin matrix

  • Thickness: 1 to 2 mm on an average

  • Two demanding size :122 cm X 61 cm & 244 cm x 122 cm

  • Flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces

  • Reduced labour cost, installation cost and overall processing cost reduced

  • 100 % Natural Stone Surface unbelievable with 1-2 mm thickness

  • 7 years' sure shot it has life expectancy, the texture of the stone slab will not come off the fiberglass

  • Sheets can be used in wet areas, because water cannot penetrate through the surface of the material to reach the back of the sheet.

  • Doesn’t matter how strong the sunlight is, no worries, the colour of real natural stone will not fade from sunlight, it is best for hot climates like UAE, Saudi Arabia and in cold climates like Russia & humid climates like Brazil.

  • Each sheet will have a unique pattern, because we extract the layers from the 100% natural stone slabs.

  • It’s a light weight thin stone sheet, the average weight is 1.5 kg per square meter.

  • You can apply it indoors and outdoors, walls, furniture, kitchen or closet cabinets, doors, ceilings, limited weight applications in boats, airplanes, cars, elevators, round columns, lobbies, and any place your imagination can think. 

  • Please don’t forget to pre-seal the stone veneer sheets before the installation.

  • You can use the various adhesive / glues like acrylic copolymer, polyurethane wood glues, PU construction grade adhesives, epoxy, construction grade multi-purpose adhesive etc. for sticking it to the wall.

  • It's very easy to cut and install subject to some precautions.

fibreglass veneer
fibreglass veneer
fibreglass veneer
fibreglass veneer
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