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Waffle Rust

Oxido Veneer
Oxido Veneer


  • Front surface: Real concrete with an oxidized rustic iron finish. its commonly known as piedra flex stone veneer / piedra flexible / steinfurnier / stenfaner / fornir kamienny / ultra-thin stone / piatra flessible / flexstone / stone sheets / rockflex / skinrock.


  • Backing: Fiberglass with reinforced polyester resin & + fleece (surface mat).


  • Can be applied on curved surfaces. Oxido arcane rust veneer is as flexible as a slate, sandstone, marble, limestone veneer sheets.


  • Thickness: 1.5-2.5 mm (1/16" - 3/32") on an average

  • Two demanding size :122 cm X 61 cm & 244 cm x 122 cm (subject to stones)


  • Can be applied on concrete blocks & slabs, mortar plastered walls, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fibreglass, tile dry wall, MDF, HDF boards, styro foam sheets, melamine, masonite, door skins and cabinetry, glass, acrylic or plastic sheets (translucent) etc.


  • As this is made from real concrete, so no two sheets will be same, the sheets can vary from batch to batch. We always send the sheets' images for approval before shipping.


  • The average weight is 1.5 - 2.0 kilograms / sqm.

  • An excellent substitute for thick and heavy natural stone slabs whenever they cannot be used for practical or economic reasons.


  • We recommend Akemi Company's "Nano Repellent" & Fila company's stone sealants. Always do a patch test with any sealant you wish to make sure it does not change the colour of the oxido arcane rust veneer sheets, remember the sheets which you have applied on the bathroom walls and kitchen walls may need resealing yearly.


  • We recommend 3 adhesives / glues for pasting the sandstone veneer sheets

      (a) Kerakoll’s Company’s Super Flex Eco

      (b) Kerakoll’s Company’s Epoxy Eco

      (c) MYK Laticrete company's Latapoxy-270


  • You can easily cut this oxido veneer sheets by carpet knife or sharp scissors.

Oxido Veneer
Oxido Veneer
Oxido Veneer
Oxido Veneer

Will look beautiful on the walls of commercial spaces and offices, restaurants, bars, boutiques, retail displays and trade exhibitions, kitchens backsplashes, living rooms etc. you can use around fireplaces, columns and pillars, feature walls, accent walls, backsplashes, RV / boat interiors etc. 

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